Heading to be – That TIME of the Year….

Whilst the focus in the region quickens on the imminent Mango season, All avocado growers are also now looking at the next stageĀ  and TGT recommend that Now is the time to apply Agrifos.

To gain maximum benefits, contact one of our local Sales Agronomists from your local team to discuss taking some root samples to see were your levels my be at. Agrifos is a systemic fungicide, *Provides effective control of phytophthora disease. *Formulated from a non toxic potassium phosphite base. *Systemic action provides complete translocation throughout the tree ensuring effective disease control. We are now seeing the orders for Mango requirements come think and fast and our recommendation is to ensure your orders are in now to have the stock ready when packing commences. TGT have a full range of products to look after your needs both in the shed and in the field…..