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The Rivulis S2000 Micro Sprinkler is designed to perform in tough conditions and is simple to install and maintain. Unlike other micro sprinklers that require multiple steps to open, the S2000 is opened in one click and putting it back together is just as simple.
Operating Pressure Range: 150 – 350 kPa

Primary Applications:

  • S2000 with meteor adaptor and cantal stake
  • S2000 with meteor adaptor hanging from LDPE
  • S2000 with snap off range limiter for young trees

D5000 drip line represents the most significant advancement of PC drip technology in the past decade and is packed full of features:

  • 40 independent inlet filters in each D5000 PC Dripper
  • Each dripper contains a silicone diaphragm.
  • Extra wide flow labyrinth
  • Long outlet pool
  • Anti-Siphon (AS) technology slows the vacuum that occurs during shut-off to greatly reduce suck-back.
    Drip line operation Range: 50 – 350 kPa

Primary Applications:

  • Agricultural permanent crops
  • Agricultural row crops
  • Vineyards
  • Greenhouse
  • Landscape
  • Mining

T-Tape Drip Tape can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. And with the white stripe, it’s easy to see if the tape is installed correctly. Because of T-Tape’s material strength, design, resistance to plugging and quality production standards, it’s the drip tape that you can count on year after year. T-Tape is available in a wide assortment of configurations, including various diameters, lengths, wall thickness, emitter spacing’s and flow rates.

Primary Applications:

  • Open Row Crops
  • Annual field crops
  • Surface and subsurface drip irrigation