Welcome to TGT Rural

TGT Rural has been providing quality rural products and services to Far North Queensland for over a decade. We have always been a part of the Tableland community, supporting graziers, livestock farmers, horse lovers and pet owners. TGT Rural carries quality brands and prides itself on exceptional customer service.

TGT Rural have a large range of rural products in Far North Queensland with freight connections from Karumba to Cape York to Townsville. Our drive through service, makes it very convenient to get your rural products, especially on a rainy day. We have ample room for big trucks to park and turn around.

Rural Products & Services

Product GroupProduct ItemsBrands We Know and Trust

Animal Nutrition

Dog Food
Laying Mash
Copra Meal
Dog Food
Laying Mash
Horse feed / Lucerne & Rhodes hay
Poultry Feed, poultry feeders
Horse (Equine) Nutrition
Horse mineral suppliments

Prydes Easy Feeds
Stance Agriculture
Advanced Rural (locals supporting locals)

Animal Health

Animal health for Cattle, Horses,
Sheep, Goats, Dogs, Cats, Poultry
Worm Control
Fly Control
Tick Control
Flea Control
Hygiene Products
Cattle Ear Tags
Pour Ons
Dips Drenches
Horse Vetinenary supplies
Horse shoeing equipment


Livestock Minerals and Supliments

Lick Blocks
Loose Licks
Stocklick feed supplement
Bulk Molasses facility
Blended Molasses

Stocklick Trading

Livestock Handling Equipment

Cattle Crush
Yard panels
Loading ramp
Cattle prodders
Branding Equipment
De-Horning Equipment

Hans Beef Boss

Fencing Products

Electric Fencing and accessories
Conventional Fencing
Gate Hardware

Whites Wires

Dog Accessories

Pig Hunting Collars
Dog Leash
Choke chain

Bark'n For Bacon


Box Trailer
Car Trailer
Tradesman Trailers
Plant & equipment trailers
Golf buggy trailers
Motor bike trailers
Hydraulic tipping trailers

Hans Trailers

Bulk Molasses

Bulk molasses facility
Blended Molasess Licks


Day old Meat chicks
Day Old Pullets
Point of lay hens

Rural Partners We Know and Trust


Mitavite Equine Nutrition

Pedigree Dog Foods

Prydes Easifeed

Gallagher Fencing Products

Hans Trailers

Stocklick Trading

Whites Wires

Drop in to one of our stores and talk to a local about your local Agriculture needs.